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How To Block First Bank Account (All Methods Explained)

Have you misplaced your phone or know of someone that lost their device or got stolen like me, in this article you will find possible methods to block the Firstbank account from transferring money and being scammed.

I could remember when I was a Victim of my phone being stolen when I enter “One Chance” Vechiche travelling back to my state from Imo state, it was a horrible experience and the second time I misplaced my phone while working at a construction site. then, I do not know how to block my first bank account without the phone number linked to the bank.

Here are the methods we will explain detailed for you to quickly block your account temporarily.

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Maybe you want to temporarily block your account to avoid unrecognized transactions from thieves or hackers, we are going to show you the step by step guide on how to do it even without going to the bank.

You know how frustrating going to the bank can be now.

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How To Open First Bank Account Using USSD Code

As a new customer that wants to open an account with the first bank. You can dial *894*0#. Click on “1” to open an account and agree to their terms and condition.

Account opening

Enter your BVN or phone number, if you don’t know your BVN dial *565*0# to retrieve it.

How to block the first bank account

You can block your first bank account, they the following way to avoid hackers, from accessing your account. so for you to be safe from this is what you should do.

Here are the steps to block your first bank account:

  • On your contact keypad icon, dial *894*911#
  • You will be instructed to select an option:
  1. block account
  2. block USSD
  3. unblock USSD
  • Click “1” to block the account.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to place a “Post No Debit” block on your first bank account

  1. Yes
  2. Cancel
  • Enter your mobile number registered on your first bank account.
  • Send.

Note that: Once you are done with this process, both your account and ATM card will also be blocked from performing any transaction such as transferring money, debiting, online payment, POS withdrawal cash and the use of ATM to withdraw money.

How To Block First Bank Account From Another Phone

Have you lost your ATM or been duped by 419s, you are trying to block your account through someone’s phone?

See!! you can not block your account through another person’s number because the number you want to use and block your account is not linked to your first bank account but deactivate the phone number to link to your first bank account.

All you need to do is to rush to the bank or call customer care service to block the account.

How To Block First Bank Account ATM Card Using A Mobile App

  • On your google play store, download the first bank mobile app.
  • Open to Login
  • You will see: Not a first bank customer? Open an account

New user? Register

Already have an account? Activate this device

  • Please accept the terms to continue to use the first mobile app
  • Click Continue
  • Register to use Naira Mastercard, Verve card or virtual card to activate your mobile banking
  • Select option:

Card number

Card pin

  • Click on the card then tap on the hot list card
  • You will be instructed on the steps to follow to block your first bank account ATM card.

How To Block First Bank Account By Calling Customer Care Service

Once you notice any problem in your account, kindly go to the nearby first bank to report or you can contact customer care immediately for help.

Contact them at this number: 0700-34778-2668228,01-4485500,0708-062-5000.

OR Visit their first contact at:

 By reading this information that will have provided, you can gladly block your ATM or phone. We have listed below the steps on How To Block First Bank Account and how to block a first bank account atm card.

In conclusion, With this *894*911#, you can block thieves and hackers from gaining access to money.

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