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How To Hide Your MTN Number in Nigeria

If you are the kind of person that does not like people to be able to call you after you call them and want to keep your phone number private for some reason, here is a detailed guide on hiding your phone number in Nigeria.

Whatever your reason for hiding your phone number, these methods here will help you get started, and it is the secure way to get it done,

Contact Your Telecom Service Provider

Use Third-Party Apps


You can use whichever is most convenient for you.

How To Hide Your MTN Number Through Contacting Telecom Service Provider

If you prefer your phone number to be private for everyone you call, you can contact MTN customer care and tell them to make your phone number private.

The process might need validation and maybe an extra service fee, but there are alternative methods to get it done, which we will discuss in the next section.

How To Hide Your MTN Number Using Third-party App

We can’t give a specific app for this, but there are apps you can use that will make your number hide while calling someone.

You can search for them on the Google Play store or Apple App Store and be sure to read their terms and condition of use and data management.

Or, instead, check if you can use an inbuilt setting on your phone.

Just go to your phone Settings >> Calls Settings>> You will see an option to set Caller Identity. Turn it On. When you do this, anyone you call will not see your phone number and will see it as Unknow or Private Number. Turn it off when you no longer need it.

How To Hide Your MTN Number Using USSD Code

Been afraid to use a third-party app and can not contact your network service provider to process this for you. You can use a quick USSD code to hide your phone number from a particular individual you are calling.

For MTN:

If you want to hide your phone number from a single caller, add #31# to the phone number. for example;

#31#PhoneNumber and send. your number will be hidden from the call receiver.

Even if they use a caller app like Truecaller.

USSD code to hide phone number for all contact;

If you want to set this for all your call receiver using USSD Code.

Just dial #31# and send to get the prompt setting to disable your caller identity, then *31# to check your status if it is still active.


Hope this guide help you know How To Hide Your Phone Number for all network. Before you use the third-party option, try using how to hide your phone number through phone settings and Using the USSD code to hide your phone number for outgoing calls.

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