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How To Check Your Glo Number (All Methods)

Do you find it difficult to remember your phone number, there are a few methods you can use to check your Glo number without stress, in this tutorial guide you will find out how to check your Glo number using USSD code, customer care, SIM pack, and call a friend.

Globacom is a Nigeria network service provider that is well-known for big data plans, which has made a lot of people use the Glo network.

Let’s go straight to how to check your Glo Number.

The easiest way is to use your new glo sim to call someone close to you and you see your Phone number on their screen.

However, there are other detailed methods to check your phone number. which we will dive into step by step.

We will explain;

  1. How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using USSD Code.
  2. How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Via SMS
  3. How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using Customer Care.
  4. How To Check Your Glo Phone Number with SIM Pack.
  5. How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using Mobile App.
  6. How To Check Your Glo Phone Number By Calling Someone.

The easy quick way is USSD code just in case you are in a hurry to make use of it, Calling customer care is time-consuming and looking for a SIM pack might be unreached. calling someone might not also go through if you do not have sufficient airtime.

So, How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using USSD Code

How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using USSD Code

Glo USSD Code for *135*8#. So, to be able to get your phone number here is what to do. (Please follow the instruction below).

  • Dial *135*8# and send.
  • Your Glo mobile number 11-digit will be displayed on your screen, and you will also get an SMS as well.

For Smartphone User

Step 1: Unlock Your Mobile Phone
Begin by unlocking your mobile phone using the appropriate method, whether it’s entering your PIN, password, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Step 2: Dial the USSD Code
Once your phone is unlocked, access the dialer or phone app where you typically type phone numbers. Now, dial the Glo USSD code to check your phone number: *135*8#.

Step 3: Wait for the Response
After dialing the USSD code, press the call or send button, and wait for a few seconds. Glo’s system will process your request and respond with a message displaying your phone number on your device’s screen.

How To Check Your Glo Phone Number Using Mobile App

Use this method if you already have the App installed and activated because you will still need your Glo phone number to proceed. if this is not your first time with your phone number you might have the app before now, skip the step below for installation.

  • Download and Install the Glo Cafe app from the Google Play store, and Apple App store.
  • Activate it.

If you have already done this, congratulations.

  • Login to the Glo Cafe app.
  • Once you log in,
  • You will see your phone number displayed under your profile.

How To Check Glo Phone Number Via SMS

If, for some reason, the USSD code doesn’t work on your device, Glo offers an alternative method to check your phone number. Open your messaging app and compose a new text message. Type “info” (without quotes) in the message body and send it to 124.

After sending the text message, you will receive a response from Glo containing essential information about your account, including your Glo phone number.

Save Your Number

Once you have successfully retrieved your phone number, it’s essential to save it in your phone’s contacts or write it down somewhere safe. This way, you can easily access it in the future, sparing you the trouble of repeating the process.

This is the quickest method if you can remember the Glo USSD code to check the phone number, but there are other methods to try out and also get your Glo phone number like calling 1244 and texting another number.

If you do not have another person to call or text, you can simply locate your SIM pack and look at the back of the pack.

Conclusion: Final thought

Your Glo phone number in Nigeria is a simple and quick process, thanks to the USSD code and text message options provided by Glo. Remember to use the USSD code (1358#) or send a text message with the word “info” to 124. By following the steps mentioned above, you’ll have your phone number at your fingertips in no time. Having your phone number readily available ensures seamless communication with friends, family, and colleagues. So, the next time you find yourself in need of your Glo phone number, just follow these steps, and you’ll never miss an important call again!

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