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EZ loan By Stanbic IBTC (New Requirement, USSD Code and App)

One of the reasons we keep a good relationship with our bank is to be able to maintain a good transaction history or be able to access loans from them, but not all banks do give loans in Nigeria and some do give with high-interest rates. that is why in today’s article, we want to find out how Stanbic IBTC works and if you can get a loan from Stanbic IBTC bank.

The answer is YES, and they offer different kinds of packages and repayment plans. Which we will look into in detail.

We will focus more on the EZ cash loan because it is the top loan option on Stanbic IBTC and also with an interest rate of 2.5% – 3.% per month and a loan of up to 5 Million Naira instant loan, easy repayment plan spreads across 6, 12 and 24 months.

People also ask: Who is eligible for EZ Cash? How do I pay back my EZ Cash loan?

Which we are going to look into.

How To Be Eligible For Stanbic IBTC EZ Cash Loan

Now, Who is eligible for an EZ Cash loan?

Before you can be eligible to get Stanbic IBTC instant loan which is called an EZ cash loan, you must be a Stanbic IBTC bank customer with a good transaction record and also a currency account holder (Business). These are the EZ Cash loan requirements.

To also be eligible for this loan, Your account must be active with Stanbic IBTC for at least a minimum of 12 months old or above. you must be up to 18+ but not above 59 years old, and have a good statement of account record with no debt of being a loan defaulter in the past.

If you think you meet these criteria, then how do you apply for a loan from Stanbic IBTC Bank?

Let’s find out.

Application for an EZ cash loan is very easy if you are already a Stanbic IBTC bank customer with a current account, here is what you do to apply for a loan on an EZ cash loan.

But not that some fees will reduce the initial amount you want to borrow.

For example;

  1. 0.35% Insurance fee of the loan amount you request for. 
  2. 0.05% Value Added Tax of the amount of loan
  3. 1%  Management fee of the amount loan

If you are with these terms, it is now time to know how to apply for an EZ cash loan in Nigeria.

Steps To Apply for Stanbic IBTC EZ Cash Loan

Follow the procedure below is how to apply for an Ez Cash Loan on Stanbic Bank:

For App Users;

  1. Go to Stanbic IBTC mobile app (internet banking).
  2. Login to the App
  3.  Find and Choose “Request EZ Cash”.
  1. Provide all the required information such as BVN, NIN and others.
  2. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the loan, and accept if you agree, click “Accept”. 

Note that the terms include your consent to have your account debited for repayment if you default on a particular date. Also, you would be required to provide your debit card details.

  1. Upon acceptance of the terms, The loan would be credited immediately to your account.

For USSD Code users;

  1. The first step is to dial *909*44#.
  2. Follow the next prompt displayed on your screen.
  3. Fill out all details requested.
  4. Accept the loan terms and Conditions.
  5. Your account will be credited with the EZ cash loan.

Now you have gotten the loan amount you want, you may also want to know about EZ cash loan repayment.

How to Repay Stanbic IBTC loan

The process is as same as when you want to request a loan from the bank, that is how you repay the Stanbic IBTC loan.

For info sake, let’s explain more;

Step 1. Fund your Stanbic IBTC account with the set amount or above.

Step 2. (For clarification’s sake) contact your account officer for assistance and follow the guidelines provided by your bank.

Step 3. Ensure to repay with the calculated interest rate.

This enables your account to be free from future debt.

Step 4. Get any proof of evidence that your Loan has been cleared or paid off from the bank branch…


In summary, It is easy to get an EZ cash loan when you are already a Stanbic IBTC bank customer for a long. In case you want to know the meaning of EZ in the EZ cash loan, it means EaZy Cash loan.

Hope you find this article helpful, would like to read your comment if you have borrowed a loan from Stanbic IBTC bank before and what is your experience and reply to your questions. Share this with a Stanbic bank customer.

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