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Top 10 Best Online Banking Apps in Nigeria (Mobile App 2023)

Already we that almost all our commercial banks in Nigeria have a mobile app for users and on a large scale we trusted them because we can locate their branches and find a way to complain in case we no longer see our money in the app but their banking service lately is very poor and lots of network issues that led us comparing them with fintech apps in Nigeria. The question here is BEST ONLINE MOBILE BANKING APP IN NIGERIA not either if it is fintech or commercial bank owned.

That is why in this post, we highlight the top 10 best online mobile banking apps in Nigeria with the best banking service such as fund transfer and receiving credit alerts.

We are going to give a review of both of them, head-to-head.

Most people do refer to online banking apps as digital banks such as Opay, Kuda and the like. they can be but online banking simply means a bank that has a digital channel such as a mobile app. But be careful with any app that needs your BVN.

Here is a list of rated best top online banking apps in 2023.

  1. MoniePoint App.
  2. Opay App.
  3. VBank Ap.
  4. Alat App.
  5. Kuda Bank App.
  6. Sparkle App.
  7. Palmpay App.
  8. Branch App.
  9. Carbon App.
  10. GT world app

MoniePoint App

MoniePoint is one of the fast leading POS machines in Nigeria, however, you can run your business with the Moniepoint business app. the moniepoint app has over 1M+ downloads on the google play store. some key features of the Moniepoint account are an expense card to monitor business expenses, the ability to have an account number with your business name without hassle and a working capital loan for a registered business.

It has over 3.38k reviews and top banking app reviews for quick transfers and instant credit alerts.

That is to say, MoniePoint App is legit and good for safe money.

MoniePoint is registered as MoniePoint Microfinance Bank (MFB) and is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and insured by the NDIC

Opay App

The Opay app is seen as a student bank app that has over 10M+ downloads and 378K reviews on Google Play Store. On Opay, your registered phone number is your account number and you can create an account online and get an unlimited transaction limit. this app is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and insured by the NDIC.

Requirements to open an Opay account are; a Nigeria Phone number, NIN, BVN and other national means of verification.

VBank App

VFD Bank or VBank is a microfinance bank that is a fully digital bank with headquarters in Lagos and offers free banking services to Nigerians. VFD microfinance bank is a subsidiary of VFD group. it was launched on March 25, 2020. V by VFD app has over 500k downloads.

Alat App

Alat App is owned by Wema Bank plc a.k.a Wema Bank is a Nigerian commercial bank. it is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the bank was founded on May 2, 1945, as a private limited liability company under Agbonmagbe bank limited. The Alat app by Wema has over 1M+ downloads as of 17 July 2023. this app is just like a pocket wallet app. instant alert and student banking app friendly. you can get a loan from the app without visiting the bank.

Kuda App

Kuda App is more of a fintech company operating in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, it was established in 2019 and founded by Babs Ogundeyi and Musty Mustapha according to Wikipedia. The Kuda Bank App has over 5M+ downloads as of when this post was made. you can also get loans from this app and create a saving plan also. Kuda Bank is registered and traded as Kuda Technologies Limited.

Sparkle App

Sparkle app was founded by the former director of access bank, registered and licensed as Sparkle Nigeria and it is a lifestyle bank with over 500K+ downloads as of when this review was done. it is a digital bank also and is available on both Android and Apple devices.

Currently, the Sparkle app do not give loan for now and state that is a coming soon feature.

Palmpay App

One of the most popular POS business machine is Palmpay and also top loan app in Nigeria aside these key features, palmpay is also a digital bank app like Opay and others. Palmpay was launched in 2019 and since then, quickly grow to become one of the fastest loan app and POS device in Africia.

Palmpay has over 10M+ downloads on google play store and rated 3 finance app in Nigeria.

Branch App

Branch is also another digital app in Nigeria, that also gives loan and saving options. it has over 10M+ downloads on google play store and registered as a microfinance bank under Branch International Financial Services Limited. the app is avaliable both on andriod and IOS. Branch is much more than an online loan app to borrow instant cash. it lets you transfer money and gives you 2% cash back for every bill you pay. Branch App is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria.

Carbon App

Access bank loan which was formerly called paylater. then, changed to Carbon which is now a digital bank in Nigeria with over 1M+ downloads on google play store and also on apple app store.

Carbon is now a digital microfinace bank which is registered as Carbon Microfinance Bank and licensed by the central bank of Nigeria.

GT Bank App

Before fintech apps, GT bank has been top choice bank for online banking app. However, the GT bank has a digital banking app and is the most fast and top rated mobile app in Nigeria. with over 1M+ downloads on google play store.

The popular GT bank is also know as GTWorld, registered as Guaranty Trust Bank.

In Conlusion

Every has their banking needs and choice of bank, before you download any online banking app in Nigeria, do very well by checking out other legit review from existing customer on app store such as google play store and apple app store.

As technology continues to shape the banking sector, online banking apps have become important tools for managing money both for individual and business in Nigeria.

Each of the top 10 apps here on our list offers unique features and benefits,for end users. When choosing the best app, consider factors such as security for your personal information, ease of use, and the specific services it offers.

Hope this article help you find the best digital banking app.

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