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Opay USSD Code for Transfer (Send Money), OTP, Balance, Airtime, Data, Card, and Loan

Opay is emerging to become the top digital banking app used by many and a choice for everyday transactions because of its fast transfers, and cashback, and it’s commonly used by POS agents. Whether you are just getting started with Opay or want to know how to use the Opay USSD code to send money, check out your Opay balance, buy airtime or get OTP, this guide gives you a detailed overview of the Opay USSD Code without an internet connection (Offline use).

Unlike other digital online banks where you have to register and activate your linked phone number before the USSD code will start working, Opay is different and ready to use provided you have successfully created your Opay account.

By the end of this article, you will know what is Opay USSD Code and what uses/purposes you can use the USSD code.

Note: You can only use the code with a registered phone number on the Opay App account.

Before you can use the Opay USSD Code, you must have an active Opay Account.

How To Create An Opay Account

Just like the way you created an Okash account for a loan, you have to download and install the Opay App from Playstore or App Store. here are the practical steps for creating Opay Account without limit.

  • Go to Google Playstore/App Store and Install the Opay App (for IOS users, you will see GET App).
  • After installation is complete, “Open the App“.
  • If you are a new user, Click on “Create Account“. existing users should log in and continue.
  • Enter your correct personal information.
  • Set your transaction PIN and Password.
  • Verify your account.

The stage and level of verification determine the maximum amount your account can hold in total,

Here are the account tier available on the Opay account, the highest level outside these are for merchants which are done on the Opay Business App.

TierDaily Transaction LimitMaximum Account BalanceVerification Required
150,000300,000Phone Number/ NIN
35,000,000UnlimitedUtility Bill

Is Opay Legit?

Yes, Opay is a legit and trusted business in Nigeria.

Opay is duly licensed by CBN and NDIC, a registered company as Opay Digital Services Limited under Opay Inc. Without wasting much time, let’s go into the Opay USSD codes and functionality.

Before then, what does the USSD stand for, and its meaning regarding mobile banking?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a global system for mobile communication that enables you to send commands to a server without an Internet connection.

It is a quick code that varies from other services and can be a location-based content service which is a kind of menu-based information service and mobile money action as it is for Opay Nigeria now.

The Opay USSD code for Nigeria can be different from the Opay USSD code in Ghana and other countries where Opay is available. Because they have different regulatory bodies and IP commands.


For Nigeria, Opay USSD code is *955#

To give a deeper explanation of the USSD code for specific reasons, here is the complete Opay USSD code hand guide:

Function:Opay USSD Code
Opay ATM Card Activation*955*03121#
Get Opay OTP*955*010#
Check Opay Account Balance*955*0#
Electricity Bill Payment*955*6#
Bet Wallet Funding*955*5#
Buy Data*955*4*mobile number#
Buy Airtime For Others*955*3*amount*phonenumber#
Buy Airtime For Yourself*955*3*amount#
Transfer Money To Opay Account*955*1*amount*10 digit account number#
Transfer Money To Other Bank Account*955*2*amount*10 digit account number#
Quick Shortcode of Opay USSD Code

How To Use Opay USSD Code

To use any of the above listed USSD codes, simply dial the shortcode on your smartphone device or your basic Mobile phone that has the registered number SIM with your Opay account.

Enter/Type and send the code.

Just in case you forget your registered number with Opay, your Opay Account Number comprises the 10 digits of your phone number making the first 0 absent.

Can You Change Opay Account Number

You can not change your Opay personal account number from the app, you can only do this using the Opay merchant app which you can download the app from Google Play Store.

In conclusion, we shared with you all you should know about the Opay Account Tier and Opay USSD codes and functionality. Hope this guide was helpful.

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