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FairMoney USSD Code For Loan And Transfer

Fairmoney is a digital mobile banking app where you can get a loan, and transfer money, pay bills, withdraw money, buy airtime and data. By using the Fairmoney USSD code, you can transfer or deposit money to anyone of your choice but before you will have access to this app, you need to agree with the terms and conditions of the app.

This app was established in 2017 and its founder and CEO is Launrin Hainy. His establishment became popular in Africa because of the financial help it offers to people.

Fairmoney is a microfinance bank (MFB) that have being approved by the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) to be legit. it is one of the most legit and reliable apps, that you can true. If you want to get a loan simply download the app from your Google Play Store and follow the necessary information.

Let’s get started!!

Feature Of FairMoney

  • They credit each of their customers 24/7.
  • You don’t need to sign documents or offer any collateral.

As far as you have followed their instruction, you can loan and immediately get the credit of 100,000 on your phone.

How To Download FairMoney App

Here are the following ways you can download the Fairmoney app on your phone

On your google play store OR visit on your phone browser.

Click on the search for “Fairmoney” and click Install.

Now successfully downloaded to your phone.

Open the app.

How To Apply For Fairmoney Loan

You can just apply for a Fairmoney loan, first get the app installed on your phone before thinking about applying for a Fairmoney loan. There are the steps to take:

Once you have downloaded the app.

Allow it to load before, you can sign in or log in with your phone number.

Simply apply for a loan and submit the requirement needed from you.

Accept the loan offer, if it is easy for you. Also, send the bank you want them to pay into.

Once approved, you will receive the money in your account and will pay it back when the fixed time you agree to pay.

How Much Can Be Borrowed From Fairmoney And For How Long

There is a specific amount of money a customer or a person is to borrow from 1,500 – 500,000 and going to last from 60 and above but the monthly interest rate is about 10% -30% rate. also depending on your repayment history.

How Much Can Be Borrowed From FairMoney For The First Time?

If you are new to this fairmoney app, you don’t expect to loan up to 500,000 thousand. The least you can borrow is a minimum loan amount of N10,000 and the upper limit for a new beginner is N40,000 with no collateral or document.

FairMoney Customer Care Service

You can contact FairMoney customer care service for help if needed.


28 Pade Odanye Close, Off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

Email Address:

Phone number:

017001276 / 018885577.

Fairmoney USSD Code For Loan In Nigeria

A fairmoney USSD code has been made known to all for easy transactions, no need for a fairmoney loan app. Instead of using the loan app, you can go for the easy USSD CODE just on your phone keypad dial *566*15#.

By using the USSD code, you don’t need any data connection and it offers a convenient (quick access) loan.

How To Use The Fairmoney USSD Code For Loans

For you to use your fairmoney USSD code, on your keypad dial *566*15#. Follow the instruction that we are given to you.

Enter the amount of money, you wish to get. Fill in the required information such as providing your full name, address, bank verification number, account details etc.

Recheck the information to confirm whether there are a mistake or errors. Send and wait for confirmation.

once it has been confirmed, Congratulation a notification will be sent to your phone.

No requirement is needed in order to get a FairMoney loan, sign in or login into the app will only be the proceed needed like bring of your documentation and collateral.

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