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LCredit USSD Code, How To Repay LCredit Loan

LCredit is a loan app in Nigeria, the interest rate is very low and the repayment method is also very easy for both new and existing customers. if you have borrowed a loan from LCredit and want to repay or want to apply for a loan from LCredit. here is the step-by-step guide on how to apply for Loan on the LCreadit app.

Before you borrow a loan from any loan app, do ensure to read their terms and conditions most especially the loan app in Nigeria.

But if you still want to borrow money near you, do consider checking out this guide on the list of Microfinance Bank in Nigeria. most loan app is owned by some of these Microfinance Bank (MFBs) licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN.

Just like the way we explained for the Branch loan app, that is almost like the same method because in order to access a loan from any loan app in Nigeria, you need to create an account and get it fully verified by providing the required verification needed.

So, let’s get started.

The first step is to know how to create LCredit Account, now let’s show you how to.

How To Create An LCredit Account

Ensure that you read the terms and conditions, policy and outside reviews both on Google Play and from trusted websites.

However, note that LCredit Loan App was removed from the Google Play store for violating its policies and rules.

And as of now, this post was created we could not find LCredit Loan App on Google Playstore but their website states that you can get it on Google play store.

Clicking on the button automatically downloads the app without installing it from the Google Play store which is not a good signal. but if you still want to download it, here is how.

First, you should download the app or create an account online via the website.

  • Go to
  • Click on Download App.
  • Install and Create an Account.

You can create an account on the app or website.

We will use the website as an example;

  • Visit
  • Add your phone number (for easy verification and as recommended, use your phone number link to your BVN).
  • Accept their User Protection Agreement.
  • Fill in other personal information on the next page.
  • By now, you have an LCredit account.

Now you have an LCredit Account, How To Borrow Loan and repay back.

How To Borrow A Loan From LCredit

To borrow a loan, you need to apply for it and wait for approval.

How To Repay LCredit Loan

You can repay an LCredit loan pay with these three methods

  • Pay with card
  • Offline transfer
  • Pay with a bank or USSD

When you get to the loan dashboard where you owed Lcredit click on Loan Bill on the App and your loan owed will appeared plus the interest rate.

click on pay now and choose any payment method of your choice.

LCredit USSD Code

LCredit does not have a USSD code like Palmpay does but you can only repay with a USSD code when you want to repay your loan using the online payment gateway they have such as Paystack, Paga and any.


From our overall review, LCredit is not secure to trust or share personal details with. the list looks like a phishing website and app.

We do not recommend using this app because it is not on any recognised app store such as the Apple app store or Google Play store and is not approved by the central bank of Nigeria.

Even if it was, it was revoked and removed from them all for fraudulent issues.

You may use this app at your own risk.

Hope this article helps you understand more about LCredit and how to repay LCredit Loan.

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