How to Check Airtel Data Balance in Nigeria via SMS, USSD, and App 2023

If you're an Airtel subscriber in Nigeria, it's essential to know how to check your data balance. This information is crucial to ensure you don't exceed your data usage limit and get charged extra. In this article, we'll take you through the simple steps to check your Airtel data balance in Nigeria. Method 1: How to Check Airtel Data Balance Using the Airtel Self-Care Service Website The Airtel Self-Care service is a convenient way to manage your account and check your...

DStv and GOtv New Prices by Multichoice from April 1st, 2022

Following the recent adjustment on package/bouquet pricing by Multichoice, we will be changing the prices of GOtv and DStv packages on our platform, from April 1st, 2022. This would affect all the prices of GOtv and DStv subscription packages apart from GOtv Supa which the price remains unchanged. List of Old and New DStv/GOtv Prices Find below, the list of the GOtv and DStv New Prices. DStvProductsProduct CodeCurrent PriceNew pricePremiumPRWE361840021000Compact PlusCOMPLE361240014250CompactCOMPE3679009000ConfamNNJ2E3646155300YangaNNJ1E3625652950PadiNLTESE3618502150AsianASIAE3662007100Premium +XtraviewPRWE36 + Xtraview Access2090023900PremiumAsiaPRWASIE362050023500Premiumasia +XtraviewPRWASIE36 + HDPVRE362300031000Premium + FrenchPRWFRNSE362550029300Premium + French +...

How to Fund Your Wallet on and Get Credited Instantly

The process is pretty straightforward, kindly visit the Wallet Funding page to get your personal bank account for instant funding. If you rather prefer online payment (Debit/Credit - ATM cards, USSD & Visa QR, Other Banks Transfers etc), then enter the amount on the wallet funding page and click the 'Fund' button to continue. Thank you for choosing! Fund Your Wallet

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